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Jean-Vincent Bertaud di Domenico alias "JANVINCEN" is a creative person in Paris, France.

He studied philosophy in Paris as well and he found another way to express himself. He started by writing, but then he realised he could draw all he wanted. But for him it was not enough, he was dreaming about life and wanted to give some motion to his drawings.

He was curious and interested in finding new ways to communicate through his drawings rather than to speak about himself.

He is always available for any interesting animation work.

"I hope you appreciate my imagination book and, if not, please come back again. I am always improving ^^ " from Rodrigo Paulicchi

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Phone: (33) 06 28 07 57 14

I can work for a team around the world


pen,ink,pastel,digital painting

Illustration-Animation-Web design



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